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Don't Come Back Too Small has been released! Buy it at CD Baby or at www.corporatenightmare.com.
Drop me a line at zach@zachmadden.com, check out my MySpace page, and keep up with the record label at www.corporatenightmare.com.

Zach is currently in the studio recording the new CNR band Kinothek. New show dates will be announced as they come up.


For booking information, email mike@corporatenightmare.com.


There are contradictions between the lifestyles of a kid raised in Boston and a kid raised hippy style on the beaches of Santa Barbara. I'm sure I'll find little argument there. Zach, to his affect, grew up in both places; his parents split up when he was 6 months old.

Pops was dabbling in the music biz and drinking with Keith Richards Back East while Ma was growing leg hair and organic Spinach on a little plot of land fifteen miles north of Santa Barbara City (amazing property fifty yards from the beach now owned by Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston… not sure which after the split). His Mom befriended the family who owned the land. Single Mom, they liked her, let her live for free as long as she did the occasional repair.

Zach bounced from Mom (food stamps, sprouts and a school that had colors on the doors instead of grades) to Pop (late nights in Cambridge with older friends who liked to get him drunk, blow "smoke" in his face and show the "California Kid" off to the neighborhood). Eventually he sort of grew up.

Today the mellow, brown rice beach vibe from his Mom has melded with
the urban green bottle beer street energy of his Pop. His reconciliation of these disparate realities happens with a mic and a drum set or guitar. It's the only place he can really "empty his head and let something real come out."

Zach's earliest musical goal was to be a singing drummer, like Levon Helm (see "The Last Waltz"). He did it, fronting bands in Olympia, WA, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and LA, with many tours along the West Coast. More recently he's stepped out from behind the kit to sing and play guitar. Take a listen to some of Zach's music and let him know what you think.



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